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Packages are here for you to select.  If you don't see what you want contact us and we will customize the package you want. 

Pampered in Paradise
Enjoy a blend of all of our signature services beginning with a 1 Hour Paradise Signature Body Balance, followed by a 1 Hour Paradise Signature Exfoliation, complimented by a 1 Hour Paradise Signature Massage and then finished off with a 1 Hour Paradise Signature Facial. 4 Hours $280.00

Sunset in Paradise
A 40 minute Head, Neck, Face and Foot and Hand massage, followed by a 30 minute multivitamin hand and foot treatment - This service gives your hands and feet the attention they need by giving them a deep moisturizing vitamin enriched treatment. This will help make your skin softer and smoother.  $90.00

Island Breeze
An Ionic Detox Foot Bath, followed by 1 hour of Reiki and finished off with a 1 hour Paradise Signature Massage. $180.00

Tropical Sunrise
A 1 hour Paradise Signature Massage, followed by a 1 hour Paradise Signature Facial and a 1 hour Paradise Signature Exfoliation. $205.00

Rhythm of the Ocean

Rejuvenation of the mind, body, and spirit - This unique Paradise Bodyworks & Day Spa, spa treatment is a wonderful alternative to full-body massage, and ideal for those who carry stress and tension in neck and shoulders. We begin with a 30-minute massage to back, neck and shoulders, moving to the rhythm of the ocean, deep and penetrating, gentle and swaying  Followed with a warm detoxification mint mud pack. As this softens and relaxes back muscles, tired feet are gently massaged with cooling, soothing crème.  75 minute session $90.00

Island Bliss
Experience deep relaxation with 1 Hour of Reiki - A Japanese method used for stress reduction, relaxation and also promotes healing in the body. Reiki is a hands on energy balancing technique. Followed by 30 soothing Minutes of Foot Reflexology and then finish it off with an AromaTouch Technique treatment. $160.00

Sunrise in Paradise
A 1 hour Paradise Signature massage followed by a 30 minute facial or purifying back treatment and then a 40 minute Ionic Detox Foot bath. $160.00

Bird of Paradise
A 1 hour Paradise Signature Massage followed by a 30 minute facial or purifying back treatment and then 30 minutes of Reflexology. $155.00

Tropical Breeze

Promote your body's own natural ability to heal, rejuvenate and detoxify itself! Beginning with a 1 Hour Reiki Session - relax as your receive Reiki and a Crystal body layout  which included in the Reiki session to enhance the Reiki energy. (All crystals produce different energy vibrations that can promote healing and wellness in the body.) Crystals are intuitively placed on and around the body to promote added balance and well being to the Reiki session. Followed by 30 Minutes of Foot Reflexology - Alleviate tension and improve blood circulation with this ancient therapy.  Your therapist will work with pressure on the different zones of reflex on the feet corresponding to various organs or parts of the body, providing a soothing relaxation and well being of the body.  This session includes hot towels and an invigorating foot balm. 90 Minutes $110.00

Stream of Youth   
Enjoy a 1 hour Hot Stone Massage. Followed by a 90 minute Paradise Signature Facial. $170.00

Island King
An indulgent package to make you feel like a King! Start your journey with 30 Minutes of Foot Reflexology followed by a soothing and relaxing Ionic Foot Detox Bath. Next, enjoy a 90 Minute Paradise Sport Massage. Finish it all off with a 1 Hour Men's Deep Cleansing Facial. Lunch Included. Approximately 4 hrs $280.00

Island Queen
A totally indulgent package that will leave you feeling like a real queen, rejuvenated, refreshed and pampered. Starting with 20 minutes foot reflexology and then followed by a relaxing Ionic Detox Foot Bath. Then you will enjoy a 1 Hour Paradise Signature Exfoliation. Next melt into the feeling of pure bliss with a 60 Minute Hot Stone Massage and then finish it all off with a 1 Hour Paradise Signature Facial. Lunch included. Approximately 4 hrs  $305.00

Group Spa Party
For group reservations please allow 4 days prior to your day or weekend. You can create your own spa package and indulge in the ultimate spa experience. 

Girls Day out - Bridal Shower Spa Party -

Birthday Spa party - Family Spa Reunion

Business Spa party


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